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Around Kungsholmen island

Walk along the water around Kungsholmen island.

Kungsholmen is an island in Lake Mälaren in southern Uppland. Kungsholmen is located in Stockholm city center, north of Mälaren. The island is divided into five districts: Kungsholmen, Mariebergsvägen, Fredhäll, Kristinebergsvägen and StadsHagen. It forms the main part of town area Kungsholmen, which also includes Essingeöarna. Source: Wikipedia

About the walk:
  • Length: About 10 km
  • Time it takes: About 3-5 hours depending on how fast you walk.
  • Terrain and accessability: Partly narrow footpaths and steep stairs.
  • How to get there: Bus/Metro/Car/Bicycle or you can walk from Stockholm city.
  • Eat and drink near the walk: There are several restaurants and coffeshops in Kungsholmen island.
  • To see and experience: Nature, view over Lake Mälaren, cliffs, beach, architecture.
  • Best time to visit: Spring, summer, autumn.
Images of Kungsholmen island:
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    Karlberg channel - Kungsholmen, Stockholm
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    at Karlberg channel - Kungsholmen, Stockholm
  • slideshow
    Hornsberg beach - Kungsholmen, Stockholm
  • slideshow
    Kristineberg cliffs - Kungsholmen, Stockholm
  • slideshow
    Footpath at Kristineberg - Kungsholmen, Stockholm
  • slideshow
    at Marieberg - Kungsholmen, Stockholm
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    Smedudden beach - Kungsholmen, Stockholm

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