Customer Reference

Project: Responsive, WordPress based Web site
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Customer Reference:
“Aino-Maria has made a wonderful website for our project, FUTURE URBAN LIFE, financed by the Comenius programme within the European Union. Aino-Maria is a skillful webdesigner who delivers great work at a fast pace. In this case she outperformed our best expectations and delivered a work which impressed us as well as our international partners. Aino-Maria has a keen aestethic eye, and the technical know-how to be able to deliver her vision. She also knows how to create multifunctional websites – in our case featuring possibilities we didn’t even ask for.”
Project Manager: Jan Hallén

Project: Graphic design
CD cover

Customer Reference:
“Aino-Maria embodies all the traits one seeks when hiring a graphic designer: talent, professionalism, attention to detail, listening to the customer, giving good advice, having sound judgement, timeliness, thoroughness, and the list goes on. She seems to have a Finnish mix of understated humor and seriousness, dedication to her work and art, and thoroughness. For example, in e-mails, she would frequently ask me to clarify what I meant so she knew she was on the right track.
Working with Aino-Maria couldn’t have been smoother. I came to her with the task of designing a CD, CD cover and promotional poster. With just a few images I sent as suggestions, she quickly came up with several ideas, and from there we were able to narrow the options down to two, both of which I liked so much that one became the CD/CD cover, and the other was used for the poster! All this for a price that was very reasonable, keeping her level of expertise in mind. I can endorse Aino-Maria Kumpulainen with 100% confidence for any graphic design job she agrees to!”
Nathaniel Glasser (Diipak)