Web Project – Aino-Marias Kurswebb



  • It was frustrating and time consuming to share course materials with students during that time I was working at the school so I decided that I will create my own course web so that it could become smoother process both for me as teacher and my students.

Mission/Problem to be solved:

  • The goal was for me as a teacher be able to provide information about courses and distributing course materials for my students. 
  • Course web should include a video blog with the option to add up, for example, interesting video lectures and tutorials.
  • Course web should be easy to maintain and accessible to everyone who wanted to have access to it.

My role in the project: Webbdesign

  • Research
  • Ideation and sketching 
  • Develop WordPress based Course web

Screenshot from Aino-Marias Kurswebb

Aino-Marias Kurswebb is not accessible any more because I have not worked as teacher for many years and have not updated it for long time.

I found out that it was not only my students who visited Aino-Marias Kurswebb but also other teachers found it via internet search and found it useful 🙂