Empty state illustrations – UI/UX development

Client: Caspeco

Mission/Problem to be solved: The goal was to develop empty state illustrations that playfully complement the information on the view/page with no new content.

My role in the project: UI/UX Designer

  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Sketching and iterate after feedback sessions with designers and other stakeholders.
  • Documentation of design decisions and process.
  • Collaboration with developers during implementation.
  • Cooperation with Product Owner, designers, developers and other stakeholders during the project.

Team: Product Owner, UI/UX Designer and Developers.


Earlier sketches/Illustrations:

Second experiments: Rabbit as character with different symbols depending on a role: chef-rabbit, head waiter-rabbit, administrator-rabbit and restaurant chef-rabbit.

First experiments: Animal characters with comments in the series style


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