WALKS Web App – Concept development

walks prototype startpage

Mission/Problem to be solved: The goal was to develop a new version of the prototype for WALKS web application. Example of wireframes/prototype for search flow and mockup for alternative design for WALKS web app.

My role in the project: UI/UX Designer and Front-end developer

  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Sketching and visualisation of design concepts.


Wireframes for search flow

Low-fi wireframes

walks wireframe startpage     walks wireframe - filter modal      walks wireframe search results

Prototype (high-fidelity) for search flow

Link to interactive prototype (pdf) WALKS Prototype

walks prototype startpage   walks prototype filters     walks prototype search results

Mockup for alternative design for WALKS web app
walks web app - mockup for alternative design

Older version of WALKS web app

old walks prototype

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